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Free Essays on Pompeii

The morning of August 24th 79 A.D. begun as some other day in Pompeii. The boulevards were brimming with individuals attempting to do their every day errands and exercises, ignorant that it was the day that would be perpetually engraved ever. The Pompeians settled here for the most part in view of soil and farming, but on the other hand were hypnotized by the delightful area. They didn't have a clue about the perils of the neighboring fountain of liquid magma thus trusted themselves to be fortunate to discover such a spot. The Pompeians were directed to deification by wild powers of nature and their absence of information. Albeit a shocking calamity, Pompeii furnished people in the future with a lot of information about their development. Campania, the district in western Italy where the site of Pompeii is found pulled in its occupants with its fruitfulness, rich soil and eminent area. The principle reason the Pompeians settled in Campania was for the dirt. The remains from past ejections had changed to rich, volcanic soil brimming with minerals, giving incredible farming. A few zones had up to three yields of grain for every year. Students of history have finished up, â€Å"In old occasions, the region’s crop yield was multiple times higher than the normal of the remainder of the peninsula.† Be that as it may, the dirt and the yields were by all account not the only explanation the Pompeians possessed Campania. The wonderful and heavenly area did a lot in pulling in the populace. Pompeii was arranged just 500 m from the Mediterranean Sea, which helped give it a warm, lovely atmosphere. Tragically, the Pompeians didn't know that this pleasant setting was concealing a fatal power shroud it, and numerous spirits were caught and deified inside the â€Å"paradise† land. Because of the absence of proof and information, the individuals of Pompeii were stunned to have the mountain disturb a run of the mill day of their straightforward lives. A few creators state that the occupants of Pompeii were going to an exhibition in the amphitheate... Free Essays on Pompeii Free Essays on Pompeii Pompeii Pompeii is perhaps the best-recorded disaster in Antiquity. As a result of it, we know now how the Pompeians lived in light of the fact that they deserted a broad heritage of workmanship, including landmarks, models and artistic creations. Pompeii lay on a level of antiquated magma close to the Bay of Naples in western Italy in a district called Campania, under 1.6 kilometers from the foot of Mount Vesuvius. With the coast toward the west and the Apennine Mountains toward the East, Campania is a ripe plain, crossed by two significant waterways and rich soil. Be that as it may, in the good 'ol days, it was anything but a momentous city. Researchers have not had the option to recognize Pompeii’s unique occupants. The main individuals to settle in this area were most likely ancient trackers and fishers. By at any rate the eight century B.C., a gathering of Italic individuals known as the Oscans involved the district; they in all likelihood built up Pompeii, despite the fact that the specific date of its root is obscure. â€Å"The base of the word Pompeii would have all the earmarks of being the Oscan word for the number five, pompe, which proposes that either the network comprised of five villages or, maybe, was settled by a family gathering (gens Pompeia)†(Kraus 7). Over the span of the eight century B.C., Greek and Etruscan colonization animated the advancement of Pompeii as a city around the region of the Forum. A point for significant exchange courses, it turned into a spot for exchanging towards the inland. Up until the center of the fifth century B.C., the city was commanded politically by the Etruscans. Over the span of the sixth century B.C., the impact of Greek culture is additionally archived by earthenware pieces, pottery and design. A gathering of warriors from Samnium, called Samnite, attacked the area in the 400’s B.C. Pompeii stayed a generally insignificant town until the 200’s B.C., when the town entered a prosperous ti me of building and extension. The Romans crushed the Samnites, and Pompeii turned out to be a piece of the rising Roman state. Ceremony... Free Essays on Pompeii The morning of August 24th 79 A.D. begun as some other day in Pompeii. The avenues were loaded with individuals attempting to do their every day tasks and exercises, ignorant that it was the day that would be always engraved ever. The Pompeians settled around there for the most part in light of soil and agribusiness, but at the same time were hypnotized by the lovely area. They didn't have the foggiest idea about the perils of the neighboring fountain of liquid magma thus trusted themselves to be extremely fortunate to discover such a spot. The Pompeians were directed to deification by wild powers of nature and their absence of information. Albeit an exceptionally grievous fiasco, Pompeii furnished people in the future with a lot of information about their development. Campania, the locale in western Italy where the site of Pompeii is found pulled in its occupants with its richness, rich soil and radiant area. The principle reason the Pompeians settled in Campania was for the dirt. The cinders from past emissions had changed to rich, volcanic soil loaded with minerals, giving incredible farming. A few regions had up to three yields of grain for every year. Antiquarians have finished up, â€Å"In antiquated occasions, the region’s crop yield was multiple times higher than the normal of the remainder of the peninsula.† In any case, the dirt and the yields were by all account not the only explanation the Pompeians possessed Campania. The amazing and wonderful area did a considerable amount in pulling in the populace. Pompeii was arranged just 500 m from the Mediterranean Sea, which helped give it a warm, charming atmosphere. Tragically, the Pompeians didn't know that this pleasant setting was concealing a fatal power shroud it, and numerous spirits were caught and deified inside the â€Å"paradise† land. Because of the absence of proof and information, the individuals of Pompeii were stunned to have the mountain disturb a run of the mill day of their basic lives. A few creators state that the occupants of Pompeii were going to a presentation in the amphitheate...

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Raychel is requesting your help! Free Essays

What business would you take part in on the off chance that you were given a legacy of 5 million pesos today? Why? How might you limit the dangers? In the event that I were given a legacy of 5 million pesos , I will be take part in renting administrations to render administrations to the understudies, laborers and families who need to hold up. Why? Since it is a decent business to be locked in with for the explanation that I can create an extra benefit while I am working. I will limit the dangers by being serious and by guaranteeing that the house and rooms are very much cleaned, all around ventilated, no breaks, o stop up sinks, and agreeable to live at. We will compose a custom exposition test on Raychel is mentioning your assistance! or then again any comparative theme just for you Request Now I will likewise manufacture a condo close to the school and close in the work environments. 2. Indicate five goals you might want to accomplish for yourself in this class before the finish of the school year. Are these goals quantifiable? 1 . Learn new things, thoughts, speculations and some more. 2. Figure out how to oversee association or a business proficiently and viably. 3. Right dynamic in different circumstances and dangers it might take. 4. To make a fitting arrangement on a specific business or an association I will be lock in. To realize that how will generally be serious in spite of the considerable number of dangers and difficulties in the field of business. These targets are quantifiable through directing tests to know whether I learn or not. 3. Portray the current business condition in the nation today. Utilize different sources and references: paper articles, magazine reports, official government declarations, bank articulations, and so forth. Is the earth helpful for business? Why? The business condition today is fitting for the entrepreneurs however different organizations are excessively serious. They are utilizing distinctive sort of notices like various banks of today. Terrible says â€Å"we find ways†. While the branch of the travel industry said â€Å"It’s increasingly fun in the Philippines†. It is exceptionally helpful for the business since Philippines is one of the fitting spot to assemble a business in view of the climate and the odds and openings 4. Do an overview of your neighborhood. Structure a group among your colleagues. What are the most well-known organizations? What different business can be set up? Why? What are the dangers engaged with setting up another business in your neighborhood? The most widely recognized organizations are exchanging or marketing business and the other basic business are PC shops. The different business can be set up is rental help or renting administration. Why? Since there are part of individuals who need space for housing in light of the fact that the spot is close in school, market, and church. So it is so alluring to fabricated the business. The dangers include are the other serious business of a similar field. The security of installments of the visitors and by what means can, the proprietor urges the individuals to stop in the house he/she offers. The most effective method to refer to Raychel is mentioning your assistance!, Papers

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Strategic planning and system implementation Coursework

Key arranging and framework usage - Coursework Example They accomplish this as a team with distribution centers where they can store their crude items. They likewise look for crude material providers. In human services SCMs these incorporate medication makers and gear manufacturers for example Bayer and St. Jude. Wholesalers and merchants purchase products/administrations from the maker in mass and offer them to end clients for example medicinal services offices and retailers. They are additionally engaged with the advertising and conveying of items. Retailers are the connection among clients and the providers. These incorporate scientific experts, drug stores and other social insurance retailers. They effectively look to know client needs, record and react to client demands for example a request for wraps and syringes. Subsequently, there is stream of data, assets, merchandise and enterprises along the whole chain. Insurance agencies likewise assume a key job by giving protection spread to medicinal services offices and specialists. Besides, strategy and guidelines elements are engaged with the guideline of principles in the medicinal services area thus turning out to be a piece of SCMs (Uzsoy, 2005). Specialists, medical caretakers and other medicinal services laborers are entrusted with the obligation of giving data to the branch of acquisition and supplies. Arrangements of every required apparatus and administrations are arranged and conveyed to the acquisitions office which attempts inquire about and distinguishes potential providers having the required administrations or products. Correlation is attempted dependent on quality, estimating and brilliant assistance history. The discoveries are introduced to the human services laborers and fund office. This guarantees they can settle on educated choices that are financially savvy (Uzsoy, 2005). SCMs whenever used viably add serious edge to the social insurance offices that utilize them. They help in decrease of redundancies henceforth lessening costs. Likewise, they take into consideration better arranging subsequently better help conveyance to their clients. This means higher consumer loyalty

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Tok Essay Topics 2013 Secrets

Tok Essay Topics 2013 Secrets The Upside to Tok Essay Topics 2013 It's your decision how many you think are related to the maturation of your essay. If you're thinking that you will need a person to compose my essay at this time, you can just rely on our honest reviews. A great essay will initially present the topic and define the big terms. 2014-2015 school essay ought to be awarded were. A crystal clear comprehension of the meanings of these significant words in Theory of Knowledge course is very important in the evolution of a very good ToK essay. You might cover the subject of privilege here. Ignorance doesn't result from that which we don't know! We're all native English speakers, which is important whether you need to get TOK essay on-line help. Ask yourself questions ought to be able to compose an essay. It's the reason why I became a teacher. Questions at an expert presentation. Once a writer has these, they formulate a blueprint they can use to make certain that the writer effectively organizes all the main points they wish to deliver. Every type of essay discussion has to get an outline as that is a critical part of a successfully written article. This informative article will give you a few guidelines on the best way to structure your IB TOK essay. The topic ought to be interesting for you. You may even check out several reviews and decide on the business that is most suitable for your requirements and very affordable budget. Among the articles focused on the way the insurance market is guided by business ethics with profit being the absolute most important focus. You are able to locate a range of discounts available on our site, With our services, you are not going to need to worry about the little specifics and prospective mistakes that typically happen when making school paper. It's a comparative essay by nature and discusses a particular problem since you can contrast and compare different methods of information and knowing on the matter. Your knowledge question should permit a number of viewpoints so you aren't so limited when developing your ToK essay. In conclusion, the quote Without application on the planet, the worth of knowledge is greatly diminished is right to a huge extent where knowledge is valuable when it's applied and has altered the society in a particular way. Since our knowledge is mainly based on intuitions and assumptions concerning what an individual's behavior will be5, it can then be inferred by historians what will occur in the future. Essay ideas on city vs village life it's a topic of personal preference and convenience which determines whether people decide to reside in. The people's lack of doubt encouraged ignorance as they were stuck in their old methods of understanding and wouldn't make an effort to expand their wisdom and open their minds. If you're looking for one, you'll find it on our site as we've made thousands of TOK texts for people around the world and can offer you extraordinary samples that can showcase our work in addition to get you started with your own. It asks students to reflect on the character of knowledge, and on how we know that which we claim to understand. Top Tok Essay Topics 2013 Secrets Our reviews contain details like the score of the clients, our rating, starting prices, Discounts, and caliber of the papers. In addition, the information here can be utilized as a simple ToK essay guide. It gives details on what you mean to say and a small background details. The exact same rule applies to the principal part and a conclusion. Most ignorant individuals are, in reality, quite certain. As you start writing your introduction, bear in mind that you own a limit of 1200 to 1600 words. Don't overlook the word limit, which couldnot exceed 1,600 words, otherwise it'll be penalized. Facts, Fiction and Tok Essay Topics 2013 Your school should supply the grading criteria. Its primary purpose is to receive your noggins churning. As an IB student, you are conversant with each one of the regions of knowledge. As a conclusion, our group of skilled experts also provides a last verdict which will help you make a well-informed choice. If you obey the rule of four C's you will be in a position to compose a great TOK essay. You are able to use this to find out what a TOK Essay looks like and I am hoping this will motivate you to create your very best TOK Essay to submit to the International Baccalaureate. This is a fundamental format it is possible to follow for TOK.

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The Child Abuse Prevention And Treatment Of Act - 1184 Words

Gimme Shelter The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Reauthorization Act (2010) Kristan Maxwell Eastern Illinois University April 17, 2015 Movie Title: Gimme Shelter Based on a true story, the movie â€Å"Gimme Shelter† (2013) depicts a 16-year-old named Agnes â€Å"Apple† struggle after leaving her abusive home. Early on in the movie it was evident that Apple wanted better for herself and her future. In the past she had been in multiple shelters, foster homes where she was sexually abused along with many other trialing experiences, Apple was ready to risk getting placed into another shelter in order to get away from her mother’s abuse. Apple never had anyone besides her mother. Born when her mom was†¦show more content†¦This priest quickly became a blessing to her and got her in contact with a shelter that dealt strictly with pregnant teens. Soon after moving into this shelter, Apple finally got the ‘family’ she had always aspired to have. The shelter was supportive, provided their clients with their necessities, and protected their clients from their often abusive family members. Unfortunately, until the shelter saw Apple get abused firsthand one day they were legally going to have to release her to her mother seeing as she did not give her consent and was going to file kidnapping charges against the director of the facility. Because of the support of the shelter, Apple was safe from being returned to her mother and had got back in contact with her father. After having the baby, Apple and her father became very close, he was supportive of her decision to keep her child and even decided to have her and his granddaughter live with his family. The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Reauthorization Act (2010) Child protection has around since 1875 when the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children was established in New York City but it was not until the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 1974 that thee was national legislation regarding child maltreatment. This policy was changed in December

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Literature Review - 1352 Words

Issue - Within X organization, there are various tools that report data, but rather than repeat the information, the data is often different depending on the tool accessed. In all likelihood, initial programming was done incorrectly, resulting in an inaccurate harvest of the data. Literature Review - The Literature Review will focus on database management, data mining, and correlation of appropriate data sets within a networked environment. Bardoliwalla, N. (December 1, 2009). The Top 10 Trends for 2010 in Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Performance Management. Enterprise Irregulars. Retrieved from: Laypersons article that allows the business professional to overview trends in the marketplace that impact performance management. Some of the materials are excellent source materials to provide a more robust experience in looking at the manner in which new technologies can contribute to our sourcing issue. Bobzien, M., (2008). Multi-Representation Databases with Explicitly Modeled Relations. Cartography and Geographic Information Science. 35 (1): 3-11. Multirepresentational Databases (MRDB) are spatial databases that can be used to store the same real world data at differing levels of thematic and geometric levels, but link those for greater power and understanding of the source materials. Scaling of this powerful tool makes itShow MoreRelatedEssay Literature Review1001 Words   |  5 PagesLiterature Review The purpose of this research project is for you to create a scholarly piece of graduate-level research and writing, which conforms to APA format. Competency in the APA format is required of all Business graduates of Liberty University, as set forth by policy of both the Graduate Faculty and the administration. You will research and write a literature review on a topic relevant to our course. What is a Literature Review? â€Å"A literature review discusses published informationRead MoreNarrative Literature Reviews1589 Words   |  7 PagesNarrative literature reviews Introduction n A literature review is a comprehensive study and interpretation of the work that has been published on a particular topic n A literature review should convey the knowledge and ideas that have been established on a topic and their strengths and limitations Why undertake a literature review? n To provide a review of the current knowledge in a particular field n Provide a description of research studies n Identify gaps in current knowledge n Identify emergingRead MoreImportance And Characteristics Of Literature Reviews1615 Words   |  7 PagesImportance and Characteristics of Literature Reviews A literature review examines existing research that is important to the work that you want to do. Literature reviews provide important background information and details about a specific research topic. Providing background information can help to demonstrate the importance of a topic, and can help to establish understanding of a subject or issue. An effective literature review also provides a space to elaborate on future work to be done on aRead MoreHrd Audit Literature Review683 Words   |  3 PagesLiterature Review If you believe everything you read, better not read. (Japanese Proverb) [pic] What is a literature review? A literature review is an account of what has been published on a topic in the past. Its purpose is to inform the reader what has been established about a topic and what the strengths and weaknesses are. A literature review must be defined by a guiding concept and should not be a list of all the material that you can find (Porter, S. 2008, p.49). What isRead MoreA Literature Review : The Walden University Library Essay1070 Words   |  5 PagesA literature review is an interpretation of arrays of circulating articles written by the scholar-authors’ of researchers related to several topics. A literature search for evidence-based research can be overpowering. The Walden University library illuminates on the superlative quality of evidence-based research and which databases to utilize with research searches. Filtered resources are the superlative quality of studies related to evidence-based practice and encompasses systemic reviews, criticallyRead MoreThe Impact Of Telemedicine On Health, A Systematic Literature Review1530 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction To evaluate and study the impact of telemedicine in health, a systematic literature review was conducted. An electronic research through the University of Maryland library was done the articles selected dated from 2000 to 2014. A total of 12 articles was reviewed that dealt with clinical outcomes, efficacy, patient and provider satisfaction. Telemedicine as an emerging field can greatly improve the outcomes of healthcare thus resulting in decrease the delivery cost of healthcare. WhileRead MoreLiterature Review : The Class Collage By Jeff Sommers1503 Words   |  7 Pagesexploitation† by Matt Zwolinski is about the ethical questions that are raised about the moral claim of the conditions in sweatshop that are accepted by choice and exploited for gains. These two peered review articles both shows some common similarity and a minute different between the two Identification Both peer-review articles use MLA citation. They both have a lengthy work cited pages/ references at the end of the article. The citations are alphabetically put in order and the citation itself is shown byRead MoreReview Of Formative Fictions : Imaginative Literature And The Training Of The Capacities `` Essay2185 Words   |  9 PagesNayiri Khatchadourian HNRS 63W Prof. Bruce Stone 6 June 2017 The Consequence of Reading Fiction In his essay †Formative Fictions: Imaginative Literature and the Training of the Capacities†, Joshua Landy, professor at Stanford University, aims to explain the function of fiction and the reward of our engagement with literary works. Landy highlights three theories of the function of fiction: the exemplary branch, which invites the reader to consider characters as models for emulation or avoidance,Read MoreReview Of Literature Review On Literature Essay2370 Words   |  10 PagesChapter - 4. REVIEW OF LITERATURE Literature survey is undertaken to study and analyze the finding of other researcher in their studies that are related to the subject under consideration. A research literature review, as a process, is a systematic, explicit, and reproducible method for identifying, evaluating and synthesizing the existing body of completed and recorded work produced by researchers, scholars and practitioners (Fink, 2010). As a noun, literature review is an organizedRead MoreLiterature Review793 Words   |  4 PagesU02a1 Building Your Literature Review Plan: Part One - Sheila Darden The plan to collect and organize literature that explains the history of retention starts with the collections of scholarly, peer reviewed articles that provide insight to the history of retention. The literature will be organized alphabetically at first then to gain a better insight into the history of retention the collections of scholarly, peer review articles will be organized according to the date they were published. The

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Business Process Analysis and Improvement

Question: Describe about the Business Process Analysis and Improvement. Answer: Introduction The report talks about the commercial lending process of the financial institution named Bank of Golden Merchants (BGM). It is a local Australian financial institution that offers loans to its customers following a stipulated process. The report discusses briefly about the functioning of the company BGM. The report also throws light on the commercial process of giving loans by the company. The Bank of Golden Merchants is a famous provider of both business and personal banking services.BGM has more than 200 branches across the country. Most of its customers all across the country are highly satisfied with their services. Inspite of their successful provision of services, the company BGM faces challenges from its rival banking and public loan service provider (Cetorelli, et al., 2012). Hence the Commercial Lending Process (CLP) of providing loans to its customers needs to be carefully analysed to maintain the leading position of the company in the industry. BGMs commercial lending process of providing loans is of primary concern to the Business Banking Solutions team of the company regarding the effectiveness, timeliness and efficiency of the process. The iterative, manual paper based nature of the commercial lending process has also been an area of concern as it affects the time taken to complete the process. To do the needful the company has hired a process improvement manager of the Business Banking division, Kevin Johnson to investigate, review and analyse the present condition of the process. He would also summarize his findings and give a detailed report. The main phases involved in the process of lending loans includes application for loans by the customer, pre approval assessment of the approval, documentation of the application post approval, settlement of loans. The above phases of the process take variable amount of time to get completed (Ault Spicer,2014). Analysis of the current CLP The bank takes funds from people in low cost deposit form and makes money. Bank then gives out these funds in the form of loans to its customers at a higher interest rate. The profit of the bank is calculated as the difference between the price the bank pays for the deposits and the return amount which the bank gets in the form of loans. All loans in the bank go through a credit approval process to protect the deposits of people kept with the bank. During the process of credit approval the bank analyses and determines whether its customer can repay back the loan well on or before the scheduled time. If the bank finds that there is a chance of the customer not being able to repay back the loan well within time then the bank either restructures the loan or it denies the loan to its customer (Chen Deng, 2013). After the customer places their request for the commercial loan, there are many steps which the bank follows to finally approve the loan. A number of persons are involved in all these stages. First among these people is the sales manager who leads the team of commercial relationship managers. The team gives the decision whether the bank should continue with the loan proposal or not. The other members involved in the whole process of giving loans are the credit officer and credit analyst. The loan giving process begins with the relationship officer identifying the prospect of the loan. Then he makes further discussion with the customer and interviews him to extract more information that would be required in the loan making process. Then the relationship manager discusses the loan request with the sales manager. At this point the bank decides whether to move forward with the loan giving process. After this point comes the phase of documentation. In this phase the bank asks for the rele vant documents from the customer that would be used for evaluation during the process. The task of the credit analyst is to do the documentation and he holds discussion with the relationship manger regarding the timing of request and the structure of the loan. Then the credit analyst starts their analysis of the loan and the loan lending process moves forward (Dorado, 2013). The credit lending process involves a lot of waste that is generated during the loan lending process. Waste in a process of lending commercial loans can be defined as all those intermediate products or services provided by the bank which has no value to the customer. Waste consists of all those steps in the process of loan production for which the customer does not pay even if he is aware of that step to be present in the process (Blackwell, et al., 2015). The wastes involved in the commercial lending process of BGM can be described as follows: Over processing: even after taking interviews of the customer and talking to them regarding the loan they want the bank may not get the idea of what the customer wants. Then the bank may include return envelops for the payment of loans. The customers who pay by cheque may consider this to be a value added process whereas customers who pay by online or any other mode would consider to be a waste. Unnecessary movement of people: the movement of workers in the bank is a waste of the CLM process. The movement of workers involves people constantly moving between various computer drives and domain. The workers are often required to do a lot of keystrokes to complete a computerised task. Waiting: one of the main wastes of the loan lending process of is the delay that occurs between the different phases of the process. BGM often keeps its customers waiting for a long time before the loan gets sanctioned (Cowling Siepel, 2013). These are some of the issues which the current process of providing loans of BGM faces. These issues, along with a few others, affect the efficiency of the CLM and hamper the smooth functioning of the process. If the bank cannot do away with these wastes from the process of providing loans to its customers then it may lose some of its customers for making them wait for a long time to get their desired loans. Improvements in the current CLP BGM has a commitment mentioned in its vision statement that it would provide the best possible commercial loan lending services to its customers. But often it is seen that the bank fails to keep its promise. To provide best services to its customers, every individual member of the bank involved in the commercial lending process should be consistent and dedicated towards their service. The banks commercial lending group comprising of the loan administrators, relationships manager, credit analysts among a few others should be dedicated to provide world class service to their customers (Coulson, Sullivan, 2014). BGM can adopt certain short term as well as long term improvement plan to improve and to speed up their process of commercial loan lending. The BGM needs to set their game plan milestone in a very efficient manner so that their goals can be achieved and they can provide best services to their customers. A short term improvement plan to improve the CLP that BGM can undertake includes the development of a team for process improvement that includes members from all the groups that function in the commercial lending process. The team should set its goal in such a way so that it can deliver commercial loans in a hassle free and consistent manner well within the time frame. After forming such groups BGM has to identify any obstacles faced during this process and should talk about the service levels which the employees have to provide throughout the process to achieve the goal of the company (Calderon Chong, 2014). A long term improvement strategy which BGM can adopt to improve the CLP services is to choosing and installing a commercial loan origination solution that can provide and support strong flow of work in the banking environment. The proper loan origination solution can efficiently manage the SLAs and integrated data sharing and status of the loan lending process. The BGM should aim at providing world class service to its customers, no matter how unachievable the target may seem to be. BGM should encourage every member in the teams working in the commercial loan lending process to dedicatedly provide their service in order to hold their commitments (Davenport, 2013). Feasibility analysis Before implementing the above mentioned long term and short term improvement plans, BGM must conduct a feasibility study to ensure whether its services would benefit its customers or not. Firstly BGM should conduct a survey to get an idea of the demand for commercial loans among its customers. Secondly BGM should also gather information about the interest rates offered by its rivals. BGM should provide the highest interest rates to draw most of the customers to itself. Finally BGM should predict the profit that it can achieve implementing its revised plans (Kuratko, 2016). Conclusion The to be business model for the BGM should contain every elements present in the existing business model process. The to be process model should have an elaborate and detailed description of the objectives of the business, list of steps to complete the CLP, list of roles of the people involved in different phases of the CLP, etc. The to be business plans can be made quite easily and quickly and it can foster the improvement in the commercial lending process of BGM (Patel, 2015). References: Agarwal, S., Ben-David, I. (2014).Do loan officers' incentives lead to lax lending standards?(No. w19945). National Bureau of Economic Research. Ault, J. K., Spicer, A. (2014). The institutional context of poverty: State fragility as a predictor of cross national variation in commercial microfinance lending.Strategic Management Journal,35(12), 1818-1838. Blackwell, D. W., Kotomin, V., Winters, D. B. (2015). Benefits from Lending Relationships in Public Debt Markets: Empirical Evidence from the Commercial Paper Market.Quarterly Journal of Finance and Accounting,53(3/4), 79. Calderon, F., Chong, L. C. (2014). Dilemma of sustainable lending.Journal of Sustainable Finance Investment,4(2), 192-209. Cetorelli, N., Mandel, B. H., Mollineaux, L. (2012). The evolution of banks and financial intermediation: framing the analysis.Federal Reserve Bank of New York Economic Policy Review,18(2), 1-12. Chen, J., Deng, Y. (2013). Commercial mortgage workout strategy and conditional default probability: Evidence from special serviced CMBS loans.The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics,46(4), 609-632. Coulson, A., OSullivan, N. (2014). Environmental and Social Assessment in Finance.Sustainability Accounting and Accountability, 124-140. Cowling, M., Siepel, J. (2013). Public intervention in UK small firm credit markets: Value-for-money or waste of scarce resources?.Technovation,33(8), 265-275. Davenport, T. H. (2013).Process innovation: reengineering work through information technology. Harvard Business Press. Dorado, S. (2013). Small groups as context for institutional entrepreneurship: An exploration of the emergence of commercial microfinance in Bolivia.Organization Studies,34(4), 533-557. Ferguson, A., Feigin, A., Kean, S. (2013). Gold mine feasibility study disclosure in Australia: Determinants and implications.Resources Policy,38(1), 8-17. Kuratko, D. (2016).Entrepreneurship: Theory, process, and practice. Cengage Learning. Patel, S. (2015). Commercial bank lending and inventory levels in industries. Polyvyanyy, A., Smirnov, S., Weske, M. (2015). Business process model abstraction. InHandbook on Business Process Management 1(pp. 147-165). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Webb, T. L., Miles, E., Sheeran, P. (2012). Dealing with feeling: a meta-analysis of the effectiveness of strategies derived from the process model of emotion regulation.Psychological bulletin,138(4), 775.